Unbeatable Kitchen Backsplash Tiles


The term ‘backsplash’ means the surface that acts as a guard for the wall behind the sink or stove. It is a faint linear pattern that gives subtle visual texture in the background of the kitchen setup. The primary purpose of kitchen backsplash tiles is to protect the wall from liquids that get splashed on the wall while carrying out the cooking process. Other than acting as a protection to the kitchen walls, it serves as the center of beautiful decor made after a kitchen renovation. It helps in redefining the kitchen, which is considered the primary work area of the house and creates a good ambiance for the kitchen corner of the house.


One will get myriad designs while choosing among the backsplash tiles in the market. The color and texture should go hand in hand to keep up the aesthetics of your kitchen. So, before you set out, consider these following factors that will help you choose the right kitchen backsplash tiles.

  1. PICK UP THE RIGHT KITCHEN BACKSPLASH TILES:There are several tile materials that you will get in the market for your kitchen. One can get tiles made of glass, ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite and even metal. If you are not too ready to spend a lot, go for porcelain or ceramic kitchen backsplash tiles. But if your budget is a bit on the higher side, go for expensive options like marble, granite, and glass. So, getting a supreme look but at a cheaper price has been made possible with the advent of technology in these tiles where ceramic tiles can be made to get a look of marbles or a metal surface.
  2. SELECT THE RIGHT KITCHEN BACKSPLASH TILES DESIGN:These tiles come in many different cuts, color and style some of which are listed below.
    • DIAGONAL TILE: This kitchen backsplash tile comes in a diagonal design providing an exceptional look to your backsplash. But their cost is a bit on the higher side.
    • LASER CUT TILES: These kitchen backsplash tiles have intricate designs made and are cut using the latest technology. These are quite pricey but their jigsaw puzzle look can make your backsplash go marvelously.
    • SUBWAY TILES: These are the most common designs in kitchen backsplash tiles and will give your kitchen a classic look.
  3. MIX AND MATCH THE KITCHEN BACKSPLASH TILES:While doing your kitchen décor, see that you achieve coordination of all the elements involved in giving your kitchen that perfect chic look. Remember, that while going for a mix and match option for your kitchen backsplash tiles, choose a design that matches with the surrounding décor. Also, opt for a design that sharply is in contrast with the existing décor and acts as an exclusive style for your kitchen.
  4. BACKSPLASH HEIGHT:To attract more eyeballs to the kitchen section of your house, go for a full height backsplash instead of going for the usual countertop cabinet height for the kitchen backsplash tiles. This selection should also be done with care to give your kitchen a flawless and a perfect look.


There are many designs for kitchen backsplash tiles but here the whole idea has been narrowed down to three main categories that will not only make the kitchen stand out but will help in making a wise and baffle freed decision of the exact type of kitchen backsplash tiles to go for:

  1. DARK TILES: The dark colored kitchen backsplash tiles command more attention to be drawn towards it. It has a dramatic look. Here are a few dark colored tiles that you can choose from as your backsplash kitchen tiles:
    • Endeavors Glass and Stone Random Mosaic Wall Tile: This tile comes as a combination of different type of tiles together.
    • Stone Radiance Glacier Grey Marble Random Tumbled Stone And Glass Mosaic Tile: These have a horizontal setup and are a bit on the grey shade.
    • Metallica Brushed Stainless Steel Penny Rounds Glass And Metal Mosaic Tile: This style comes with a lot of drama and emits a shimmery look.
    • London Glass Mosaic Mesh Mounted Tile: This tile is a combination of many tiny tiles together spread with an aqua hint on it.
  2. AQUA TILES: A look of aqua will also do great to your kitchen backlash making it look more stylish. Some of the aqua type tiles are:
    • Modern Dimensions Ceramic Tile: This has a good color and is in the shape of an elongated subway tile.
    • Blue Lagoon Glass Tile: This tile has a modern look and a lot of shimmers
    • Color Wave Green Glass Tile: This tile has a beautiful color in it and will make the kitchen stand out.
    • Caprice Glass Interlocking Wall Mosaic Tile: This tile has an interlocking design and will make your kitchen look stylish and serene too.
  3. LIGHT TILE: These are breathtaking because of the light subtle tones they come in. Some of the light tiles that will catch your eyes and guide you too to choosing the right type for your kitchen backsplash tiles:
    • Marble Contempo White Honed Stone Tile: These have some grey veins running through the white stone and will catch eyeballs
    • Rittenhouse Glazed Tile: This has a classic white touch that will look great with a dark background in the kitchen.
    • Caprice Glass Interlocking Wall Mosaic Tile: This tile too comes in an interlocking design and looks very gorgeous.

Ask experts to help you choose the right kitchen backlash tiles so that your design desires and the functional needs have a good coordination.

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